About Sydney

Sydney Schuman graduated from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast. She finished college in three years and graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Currently Sydney is working as a social media and marketing assistant for Engineer Your Space, a Los Angeles-based website that publishes videos and articles about interior design and do-it-yourself projects. She was also promoted to Manager in Training at the retail store Anthropologie, after only 3 months as a sales associate and with no prior retail experience.

In her last year at the Cronkite School Sydney worked as a general assignment reporter for the award-winning student broadcast Cronkite News on Arizona PBS, where she received real-world experience interviewing, shooting and editing packages and going on-air during nightly newscasts. In the past she interned at PHX 11 Television, the city’s channel, helping produce content. Summer of 2014 Sydney studied abroad in Italy and interned at two English-speaking travel newspapers, where she learned how to communicate and thrive in a foreign place with a language barrier. Additionally while in school she helped co-create and report for ASU’s online news show SP Weekly as well as interning at video production company Crew West, and working as a breaking news intern at the Arizona Republic.

This wide variety of experience has made her very capable of many different jobs in a newsroom from multimedia reporter, writer, videographer, editor to lighting crew. She knows how to write scripts, research, conduct an interview, shoot and edit video and conduct herself on-camera. This includes in the studio as well as live shots in the field.

Sydney is proficient using Adobe Creative Cloud software such as Premiere Pro, Prelude, Audition and Photoshop and knows basic CSS and HTML coding. She also is able to successfully connect with her audience by utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Sydney is a native and fluent English speaker; additionally she is at an intermediate level in Spanish and beginner in Italian.

Sydney is drawn to journalism because of a love for story-telling and having conversations with all types of people. She enjoys larger national and international stories – breaking them down and bringing them smaller scale. Her best skill is her ability to humanize a story, finding that interesting character and making the story relatable for viewers. Additionally she has a real attention to detail and often, especially with b-roll, notices something others would often overlook.

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